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Company Overview

company name

Hiroshima Precious Wood Industry Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Keiki Fujiwara

Manufacturing item

1.Precious wood veneer manufacturing and sales
2.Manufacturing and sales of various precious decorative plywood
3. Manufacture and sale of wooden furniture materials
4. Materials for architectural interiors and architectural furniture
5. Related business incidental to each of the preceding items

Head office

433-1 Kurigara-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture 726-0023
TEL:+81847-45-6828  FAX:;81847-45-6466


March 10, 1976

number of employees

Full-time employees: 36 (Male: 22 Female: 14)
Part: 4 people
(as of January 2023)


10.8 million yen

Accounting period



Chugoku Bank Fuchu Branch
Hiroshima Bank Fuchu Branch


March 1976

Established Hiroshima Meiki Sangyo Co., Ltd. with a capital of 3.600.000 yen
Appointed Akitaro Sato as Representative Director
Head Office: 433-1 Kurigara-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Tottori Factory: 2011-1 Yurajuku, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture

October 1980

Capital increased to 10,800,000 yen

December 1987

Built a new two-story factory at the head office.

July 1991

Shoji Fujiwara appointed as representative director

July 1996

Head office north warehouse newly built

June 1999

Separation of the Tottori Plant Business rights transferred to Managing Director Fujiwara,
Continues to operate as Fujiwara Decorative Plywood Co., Ltd.

April 2006

Head office new construction

April 2014

Appointed Seiji Fujiwara as Representative Director

September 2022

Appointed Keiki Fujiwara as Representative Director

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