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Hiroshima Precious Wood Industry Co., Ltd. SDGS Declaration

Our company sells decorative plywood made by slicing wood and bonding it to plywood in the Bingo area. Through the UP CYCLE of wood and defective products that were discarded in the manufacturing process, we reduce waste, We will work on the "effective use of resources", which is also the theme of the Declaration. In addition, we strive to popularize and promote warm and calm living spaces that take advantage of the characteristics of wood. We will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality through carbon fixation.

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Our contribution to SDGs


Effective use of resources

In order to use limited legal wood resources sustainably, we will work with partner companies to develop new products that make use of substandard products and scraps, promoting effective use of wood and reduction of loss.


Workplace where you can work with peace of mind

In order to address the mental health care of our employees, we have entered into advisory contracts with experts. We will continue to protect the happiness and livelihoods of our workers and their families.


Promotion of carbon neutrality

Wood is a material that provides a comfortable feeling to people, with high insulation properties, moisture control properties, and minimal irritation to the eyes. We will contribute to promoting the health of our customers through activities that increase the use of wood in living spaces.


Social contributions

We will continue to accept participants from all over the country for experiential learning to learn about the characteristics and benefits of wood, and will contribute to regional revitalization by actively using local wood.


Contribute to carbon neutrality by spreading the goodness of wood

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