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Handled tree species

Characteristics of veneer

Natural wood veneer veneer plywood is a wood veneer made of plywood, MDF, noncombustible board, etc. as a base material, and a veneer (a thin slice of wood with a thickness of about 0.2 to 0.6 mm) pasted on the surface. I'm talking about


It is widely used for furniture, fittings, interior walls, ceilings, partitions, etc.



We use "F☆☆☆☆" plywood, which is graded for formaldehyde emission.
We also handle MDF (medium density fiberboard). Please feel free to contact us.


Incombustible plate

We use volcanic vitreous multi-layer plates. (This product is not subject to formaldehyde notification.) It can be easily installed in any location and can be easily cut with a saw.

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