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Since our founding, Hiroshima Meiboku Sangyo has been a decorative laminate manufacturing company that consistently kneads veneers onto plywood and noncombustible boards, and we have been able to move forward with the support and warm words of our many customers. . We are always grateful for the cooperation of our suppliers and subcontractors, which allows us to provide a stable supply of products. In order to become a company that continues to be trusted and loved, we will continue to strive for even more stable product manufacturing and quality improvement, provide sincere service, safety and security to our customers, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing. . All of us at Hiroshima Precious Wood Industry have a mindset of change and a spirit of challenge, and are striving for self-development that will lead to the future. We share the belief that ``the actions of each individual will change the future of the company,'' and we aim to not only prosper the company, but also enrich lives, revitalize the industry, and contribute to the local community.

president Keiki Fujiwara

Let's convey the heart of the tree After hundreds of years of wind and snow A grown tree accepts everything makes people kind love nature love people love my job

Corporate philosophy

Corporate Principles

Business is about people
Without employee improvement
There is no development of the company

Corporate Motto

1.Become a trustworthy person
1. Create trustworthy products
1. Be a trustworthy company
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