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How to paste a veneer that makes the most of the wood grain

The highlight of technology (arms) and sense!
Veneer can show various expressions depending on how it is pasted, even with common tree species.
Even with the same material, the expression will be completely different depending on how it is arranged.
Here are some variations of pasting.

Straight grain nut slip match

Same pattern in the same direction

Paste them in order

White Ash Itame Gishin Book Match.jpg
White Ash Gishin Book Match

This is a pattern in which the front and back sides of the sliced veneer are applied alternately. The reason why it is called "book match" is because it looks like an open book.

oak straight grain slip match

The same board grain pattern in the same direction

Paste them in order

With teak cross section Mismatch (random)

The same tree species with different patterns is pasted on the front and back while arranging them irregularly.

Oak Straight Grain Alternating Pasting

This is a method of attaching one type of veneer alternately from bottom to top and then from top to bottom. consecutive pasEffective when you want to avoid turns.

Ash cross grain random book match
Nut cross grain Radial pasting
Tamo Straight Grain Diamond Paste
Zebra straight grain arrow feather pasting
sapele straight grain spider web sticker
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