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Recruitment information

Qualification requirements

① Preference will be given to those who have related work experience and management experience in the wood industry or wood manufacturing industry.

② Inexperienced people welcome Preferential treatment for those with experience in the woodworking or lumber manufacturing industry (bright, energetic, and obedient)

③ Preferential treatment for experienced people (1. Accounting qualification required / 2. General affairs)

Planned number of hires

① Recruiting 2 people

②③Not currently recruiting

Business content

① Career track As a managerial candidate, you will be engaged in the management of the entire business after experiencing the overall work.

②1.Light work (general work)・2.Skilled work 1. Light work such as simple work in the factory, inspection, shipment, inventory management work 2. Special work in the factory (iron sticking work, veneer cutting work, slicer work)

③ Clerical work 1.Accounting work (general financial accounting work) 2.Administration work (office work related to labor, personnel, and occupational health management) 3. Comprehensive assistant (Assisting work in 1.2.)


① Career track

② Light work (general work)/Skilled work (special technical work)

③ Sales office work (1. Accounting, 2. General affairs, 3. General assistant)

Work location

①~③ (Kurigara Town, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Working hours

③9:00~15:00(I will consult about the time)


Preferential treatment under our regulations Allowances: commuting, family, overtime, health, position

salary increase

Once a year (April) *Assessment based on individual performance evaluation


Twice a year (July and December)


Saturdays (our rules), Sundays, national holidays, special holidays (summer, New Year's holidays, congratulatory or condolence holidays, paid holidays, etc.)


Comprehensive social insurance system, congratulatory and condolence system, long service service, retirement allowance system, education and training system, defined contribution pension

Documents to be submitted

Curriculum Vitae (photo attached) Copy of qualifications held

Selection procedure

①Document screening: Document screening will be conducted based on the materials sent by mail.

② Interview: Interview will be conducted after document screening (interview date required)

③ Informal decision...We will discuss the date of joining the company

Person in charge: Human Resources Fujiwara

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